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Red Square Palmyra Storage Box


The Jaffna made Red Square Palmyra Storage Box is a handmade storage box originating from Jaffna, a city in northern Sri Lanka. The box is made from Palmyra leaves, a traditional material commonly used in the region for weaving and handicrafts. The box has a square shape and is dyed red, giving it a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. It is designed to be a functional storage solution for small items such as jewelry or trinkets, while also serving as a decorative piece. The use of Palmyra leaves in its construction makes it eco-friendly and sustainable, adding to its appeal as a unique and environmentally conscious home decor item.

To use the Jaffna made Red Square Palmyra Storage Box, simply open the lid by gently lifting it off the box. The box can be used to store small items such as jewelry, trinkets, or other small accessories. You can also use it to store stationery, keys, or any other small items you want to keep organized and within reach.

When not in use, you can display the box on a shelf, dresser, or any other surface as a decorative piece. The vibrant red color and intricate weaving of the Palmyra leaves make it an attractive addition to any room.

To clean the storage box, you can wipe it down with a soft cloth. Avoid using water or harsh cleaning products that may damage the Palmyra leaves.

Overall, the Jaffna made Red Square Palmyra Storage Box is a functional and eco-friendly storage solution that can add a touch of traditional Sri Lankan craftsmanship to your home decor.

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