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Palmyra Cup Placer – Eco Friendly


The Jaffna made Natural Palmyra Cup Placer is a unique and eco-friendly cup holder made from the leaves of the Palmyra tree, a common sight in the tropical regions of South Asia. These cup placers are handmade by skilled artisans from the Jaffna region in Sri Lanka, who have been using this traditional craft for generations. The Palmyra cup placer not only adds a touch of natural beauty to your table setting but is also a sustainable alternative to plastic cup holders. Each cup placer is unique in its texture and pattern, adding a touch of individuality to your dining experience.

The Jaffna made Natural Palmyra Cup Placer can be kept on a table or a surface where you would place your cups or glasses. They are designed to hold a single cup or glass and can be easily placed and removed as needed. When not in use, the cup placers can be stored in a dry and cool place to ensure their longevity. Since these cup placers are made of natural materials, it is recommended to keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid any damage or decay.

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